Land Transportation, whether passenger or cargo provides a a vital link in our lives. The cost of transportation is a critical element. Operational efficiency, increased uptime, life of vehicles, and end-to-end supply chain visibility helps reduce costs for fleet operators and owners.

A solution designed to reduce operating cost using optimization and simulation models.

Unique Proposition

Built on an open architecture platform, FleetEdge uses machine learning to generate customized predictive maintenance calendars for optimization.

How does FleetEdge Work?

  • Vehicle performance data, driving behaviour, and operating conditions are modeled using machine learning and AI.

  • Dashboards are updated in real time for driving behavior, trip reports, emissions, and predictive maintenance calendars.

  • Instant messaging framework-based alerts for informed decision making.

Fleet Performance Improvement

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Optimize Vehicle Maintenance

Improve Customer Service

Driving Behaviour Analytics

FleetEdge models real time vehicle and driving data enhancing passenger, driver and vehicle safety through real time alerts and trip analysis.

This can provide the basis for driver performance appraisals and training programs.

Dashboards and driving behaviour alerts

Trip playback

Trends and recommendations

Advance Driving Behaviour using Machine Learning.

Driving Score : 4.6

  • Speeding: 0.6%
  • High RPM: 4.3%
  • Gear change: 0%
  • Hard accelerate: 0.5%
  • Hard brake: 0.7%
  • Idling: 2.2%
  • Sharp turn: 0 times
  • Crash: 0 times
  • Fatigue driving: 0 times
  • Quick lane change: 0 times

Fuel Efficiency Analytics

Real time analytics for reduction in fuel consumption.

Dashboard and consumption related alerts

Trends and recommendations

Trip based fuel efficiency in real time

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance calendars in real time with recommendations.

Dashboard and maintenance alerts

Maintenance feedback for reinforced learning.

APIs for OEMs and Tier1s for predictive analytics

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