Transportation & Logistics

Predictive analytics and maintenance, optimization, reduced operating expenses.

Increasing safety of
the driver and vehicle

Using edge-based cameras for identifying whether the driver is drowsy, tired, or distracted, SafeEdge alerts the drivers and fleet managers real time for immediate decision making.

Reducing the operating
cost by at least 6%

BytEdge’s device management module gets data every 3-5 seconds which feeds into PredictEdge for predictive maintenance calendars specific to each vehicle. Adherence to this calendar increases uptime and reduces breakdowns.

Real time messages are used to alert the drivers and fleet managers for maintenance.

Reduced emissions and higher safety

Driving behaviour with regular training improves vehicle health, emissions, fuel efficiency, and safety

Messages and alerts

Single database generating real time alerts.

ROI Calculator

Here is how you can calculate the savings from the BytEdge solution

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