iotaSmart Platform

Using digital twins with machine learning and AI for predicting product and component failures, providing a virtual connected design, simulation and optimization capability

Platform for predictive analytics, design, and validation

ML & AI based modeling of critical parameters for predicting failures and remaining useful life (RUL), using real time data, FEA, and CFD for virtual simulation.

Integration of product design software with PredictEdge for optimized designs in reduced time.

Open architecture platform

iotaSmart platform enables real time data integration from IoT devices, machines, and ERP systems using the APIs.

Build your own APIs using our BYTON® scripter for connecting with your IoT devices, machines, and databases

Continuous monitoring & intelligent visualization using reinforced learning

Customized dashboards for data analytics.

A flexible UI framework that can be configured and customized for informed decision making in real time.

Email and SMS alerts frameworks integration.

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