Real time emissions monitoring and asset’s efficiency for predictive maintenance and failures

Climate change, emissions, Health of an asset

Greenhouse emissions have accelerated global warming and with increasing awareness industry is looking for effective monitoring solutions.

GreenEdge monitors an asset’s operating parameters for emissions in real time for predictive analytics and optimization.

Unique Proposition

Built on an open architecture with developer APIs, GreenEdge uses machine learning for predicting changes in emissions caused by variations in the health of an asset.

How does GreenEdge Work?

GreenEdge is a cloud-based platform for measuring ships’ emissions in real time and predicting the failure of turbocharges using ML & AI.

Gas Data & Turbo-Charge Operational Data Collection

Gases emitted upon combustion of the Fuel Oil are captured for analysis using BytEdge’s proprietary IoT devices.

Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts

The gases (CO₂, NO₂, O₂, CO and SOx) are analyzed and quantified and reported on dashboards on board and onshore, on a continuous basis. Alerts are sent out in real time, if required.

Predicted Emissions Using Simulation Models

Using historical emissions data along with fuel type used, environmental conditions, engine type and condition, the proprietary AI algorithm runs simulations and creates various machine learning based models for predicting emissions.

Predictive Maintenance for Turbo Charge Failure

A Digital Twin of the turbocharger is created by measuring the upstream and downstream process parameters and emissions in real time. The machine learning based models create a predictive maintenance calendar with prescription.

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